Friday, April 18, 2008

Spring in Korea

There is a park nearby my home that has a large lake in the middle. Inside the lake is the outdoor portion of an amusement park. A walking/jogging trail goes all around the lake (2563km) and a footpath is higher on street level. I've been taking my bike to the park and getting some running in.

On my first visit to the park I took this photo. That was about 3 weeks ago. The photo below was taken about 10 days ago.

Quite a difference! I think I happened to visit the park at the peak of the trees blooming. If not the day I went, it was the day before.

Standing from the same position and looking to the right side of the lake. The old boat there is just for decorations.

A view of the outdoor portion of Lotte World amusement park. There is a huge indoor facility that goes with it.

I liked the contrast of the white and yellow colors.

The two photos above are the last from my visit to the park 10 days ago. Below are photos from my visit two days ago. The beautiful white trees have turned green already and now the flowers around them are beginning to bloom. I believe the main flower you see in Korea is the Azalea. They are literally everywhere. The colors are pink, red, and purple.

I took this photo to give you a sense of how many flowers will be in bloom at one time. These flowers haven't peaked yet, so I've got to return with my camera over the next few days.

The amount of flowers in bloom reminds me of spring in Oregon. However, I think there is a greater variety of flowers in Oregon.



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